Programming :
C++, C, Java, Python, Ruby, Go, Rust, Bash, Javascript, PHP, SQL, HTML, CSS
Libraries / Tools :
Git, Android, QT, OpenCV, Buildroot, Boost, Gstreamer, Kafka



Sept 2016 - Sept 2017 :
Software engineer, Financial protocols analysis, Corvil, Dublin.

Design, development and evolution of the broad range of Corvil Analytics Plugins for all major worldwide financial, middleware and enterprise data protocols.

Technical environment: C++, Boost, Java, Kafka, Linux

Dec 2014 - Sept 2016 :
Software engineer, Infotainment system for cars, Parrot Automotive, Paris.

Android application development, developing middleware interfaces to component such as radio and Bluetooth as well as graphical views and behaviours of the media, telephony and system applications. Conception of Android and Linux based system with the business development team.

Technical environment: Android, Java, C++, Android Studio, Vim, Git, Linux

Jun 2014 - Nov 2014 :
Software engineer, OTT video streaming packaging (contractor for OpenWide), Anevia, Paris.

Development for a server providing video content with OTT protocols (DASH, HLS...).

Migration to PostgreSQL (from SQLite) by writing database management tools in python up to the web user interface in PHP. Worked also on database request optimisation as well as load balancing and fail over strategy development.

Technical environment: Python, C++, PostgreSQL, PHP, Javascript, Debian, Vim, Git/SVN, Linux

Nov 2013 - May 2014 :
Software engineer, Image processing and Linux system development, OpenWide, Paris.

Project to optimise the park time of automatic subway with video analysis and real time communication with the command centre.

Image processing optimisation and adaptation of existing algorithms. Architecture and development of the communication stack between on site server and the centralized one, as well as with the command centre. Architecture and development of a global control application of the system in Qt. Project and team leading.

Technical environment: C++, OpenCV, QT, Python, Thrift, Boost, RobotFramework, Vim, Git, Linux

Sept 2012 - Oct 2013 :
Software engineer, Multimedia embedded system for cars (contractor for OpenWide), Parrot, Paris.

Integration and development of a module dedicated to Bluetooth, Wifi and USB connectivity acting as a provider of service to the main infotainment system.

Embedded Linux integration. Development of specific client feature into the core application in C++. Handling of client technical request and feedback.

Technical environment: C/C++, Bash, Python, Vim, Git, Linux

Sept 2011 - Aug 2012 :
Software engineer, Image processing and Linux system development, OpenWide, Paris.

Worked on a software that help maintaining the reliability of big CCTV installation by doing daily check on recording.

Image processing optimisation and adaptation of existing algorithms. Development of the JSON/REST communication stack between the treatment server and web server.

Technical environment: C++, OpenCV, Vim, Git, Linux


Mar - Aug 2011 :
Internship in image processing development, OpenWide, Paris.
C++ development for CCTV image processing. Development with QT and OpenCV.
Summer 2010 :
Internship in an image processing laboratory, South Dakota State University ( United States )
Development of a tools to apply an interpolation algorithms on a satellite database with matlab.
Summer 2009 :
Internship in web development, JNOV.
Development in html, php, sql and javascript. Use of library and api : Google Map, fpdf, Jquery...

Personal Projects

Android application allowing the control of UPnP compatible devices and the sharing of local multimedia content with UPnP.
See project on GitHub.
A Home domotique domotic service on top of a raspberrypi. By controlling multiple temperature sensors (DHT11 + ESP8266) and a radio emmiter (through GPIO), home heaters and lights are monitored, controlled and scheduled from a phone or a computer.
See project on GitHub.


2008 - 2011 :
Master of Engineering in Computer Science, INP ENSEEIHT ( top ranking engineering school ), Toulouse (France)

Specialised in Computer Science and Applied Mathematics.

Subjects : Theory of computation, Software engineering, Computer architecture, Concurrent computing, Middleware, Real time computing, Network architecture, Compilation, Data analysis, Database, Web technology.

Sept - Dec 2010 :
Master of Engineering in Computer Science, HKU ( Hong Kong University ).

Exchange student in undergraduate and postgraduate courses.

Subjects : Multimedia computing and application, Computer and network security, Embedded System and pervasive computing, Implementation, Testing and Maintenance of Software Systems, Wireless communication, Image processing and computer vision.

2005 - 2008 :
Three year intensive undergraduate course in preparatory classes for competitive entrance exams into national engineering schools, Lycée Faidherbe, Lille ( France ).

Subjects : Mathematics, Physics and Computing

2004 - 2005 :
Scientific Baccalaureate with distinction ( French equivalent of 'A' levels in Mathematics, Physics and Biology ), Lycée Robespierre, Arras ( France ).


French :
Native speaker
English :
Full professional proficiency


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